the book thief

yo if you wanna be my friend (pls im so lonely) you just have to like talk to/at me about shit on my blog tbh


Shiba requires a moment to process the fact that someone touched the butt

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hi there! sorry i've been reblogging too much stuff from your page. it's just so neat and chic and elegant and yeah. that's it. have a nice day. :)

oh! it’s not a problem - i don’t mind at all! thank you so much for saying so, jfdksjfkldsjafl :) i hope you have a wonderful day!

need more blogs to follow, can you reblog this if you post:

catching fire + water 

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone at the Magic in the Moonlight premiere in New York City (July 17, 2014)

i got offered a job in a doctors office for the summer w/o even having to hand in a cv but i get so anxious in hospitals and just the thought of t makes me feel ill but i should be grateful for being offered a job and it’s income and sigh if it was anywhere else other than a gp office i would jump at the chance but

me x you (jks, dramione??)







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do you ever have a plan for the day and suddenly it’s 4pm and you’ve achieved literally nothing